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What Does Make The Mona Lisa Popular?

Yes, the portrait has its own interest, so that's why people find the reason to buy it. When talking about a portrait, sure, in the mind of most of us, it appears the idea to talk more about Mona Lisa By Leonardo Da Vinci as one of the best paintings in the world. So what do you know about it? Well, for information, Mona Lisa is not her name. The name of this art piece was well known as the result of a spelling error. Monna in Italian is short of Madonna. It has the meaning "my lady". If you are interested in making the art piece, does this portrait inspire you?

Don't you know? The identity of the object in the painting is still a mystery. Some people believe that the female is the imagination of Da Vinci himself. In contrary, several people believe that the woman was Lisa Gherardini, the 24-years-old woman who had two sons.

Well, when you know how to make the valuable and unique art, sure, you are able to make as popular painting as what Da Vinci made. Regardless of the reason, many people worldwide like the painting that created by this guy. If you think so, will we continue to talk about more facts about the Monna Lisa?

While most women in these days try to shape their eyebrows by using their own way, the women named Lisa in the Da Vinci's portrait has no eyebrow. Why? Believe it or not, it is because the accidental removal when authorities tried to restore the painting. So did the painting have the eyebrow when the painter made this art? Perhaps, nobody can answer this question, so let keep it as the unique fact about this painting. Can you make the similar painting with Mona Lisa painting?

The Fact Behind The Popularity Of The Kiss

It's not a secret that many people know The Kiss By Gustav Klimt. This was the art design painted by Gustav Klimt between 1907 and 1908. That is right! This painting is older than us, so what will you say when you are able to see this painting directly? In this moment, we are going to know the painter closer. The painter, Klimt, created his most famous work in the time of creative panic. During the painting process, he continued to paint with the doubt.

When his painting becomes the popular painting, it proves that there's no limitation to create the great work. Do you think that you are too old or too young in showing your ability and talent to produce the painting? When Klimt was able to get rid of all his doubt, of course, there's no something wrong. As the result, he is now known as the painter who can produce the unique painting.

The Popular Oil Painting

Wait! Before talking more about Girl with By Pearl Earring by Jan Vermeer, could you tell me why you have the curiosity about the painting world? In fact, not all people can paint perfectly. If you have the talent, perhaps, you will become one of the popular painters in the world where your creation will be known as the most popular painting. In short, Girl with a Pearl Earrings is an oil painting. That's right! It was the painting of 17th-century Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer.

For several women, this may look like most paintings in the art gallery, but, however, we know it as the popular one, right? This painting looks like the photo of a beautiful woman because of the ability of the painter using the paint. When compared to other popular paintings in the world, do you think that this has the plus value? If you say yes, then you can share it by writing the article.

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